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“Jack has been fixing Aerosmith’s gear since the mid 70′s. Some of the stuff is still on the road today. I have been associated with this madman since 1981 and he has kept every guitar player I have worked with happy with his work. I am thinking of shipping some of Brad and Joe’s heads down to Austin now that Jack has relocated from Boston. The shipping will be a small price to pay because I know the stuff will come back fixed right the first time. Don’t waste your time with hacks. Trust a guy the pros trust.”

John Bionelli
Aerosmith/ Assistant Tour Manager

“Jack is from the old school of amp repair. He is a professional who takes pride in his work. And he stands by his work! The reverb in my old 1970’s Music Man amp wasn’t working.I hadn’t used the amp in the last several years so I brought it to Jack. I also asked him to check out the capacitors as old amps can sometimes have problems because of age and lack of use.He informed me that the caps were fine. Jack tried out a few things to get the reverb up and running and ended up replacing the tank. He only charged for the tank. No labor cost. Read his bio, he’s the real deal!”

–  Glenn Ward, MA

“I called Jack with a fender blues deluxe reissue amp that I hadn’t used in a while. Based on the description of its loud popping and random volume change issues, Jack suggested I bring it in for a look. In 30 minutes, he had it working like new – Jack is a true pro, friendly, knowledgeable and skilled, with rates that are very reasonable. I cannot recommend him too highly – a great guy as well!”

– Gary Smith, MA

“Picked this place at random because I needed some new power tubes and wanted to try somebody local. On the phone he offered to check the bias when installing the tubes so I brought my amp in. After about two minutes I realized my search for an amp (and electronics) technician was over. Jack is skilled and knowledgeable and willing to educate and explain. Judging by his shop and equipment I would guess that he can fix pretty much anything you bring to him.”

– Jed F. Austin, TX

“Took my amp in on a friend’s recommendation, and I was thoroughly impressed. Jack knows his stuff, and he won’t BS you. He took out the chassis and went over it on the bench while I watched. I’ve taken my stuff to other “tube jockeys” around town, and they can’t hold a candle to Jack’s technical prowess and overall great attitude.”

– Wes T. Austin, TX

“Went for the first time today to have my ’66 pro reverb looked at and can’t recommend the place highly enough. Jack was extremely thorough and knowledgeable, and did all the work as I watched- all the while telling me exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. He did several various fixes in a few hours that would have taken most other amp guys whom I’ve been to days or weeks to get around to. I will now continue to go here for every amp/studio gear fix I need.”

– Ben M. Austin, TX